two young girls playing in the vehicle before leaving for a family road trip

Family road trip tips (all the essentials you don’t want to forget!)

You’re packing up for your next road trip and you’re already dreading the drive. With an entire family crammed into a tiny box and even more confined by seat belts for hours on end sounds a little bit like a nightmare. Some catastrophe or another is bound to happen! Believe it or not, we love road trips! Experience has taught us what to bring on a road trip in order[…]

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4 family audiobooks, short and entertaining for your next family roadtrip

Family Audiobooks: Fun Short Stories for Your Next Road Trip

The car is packed, the kids are buckled in, and ‘activities’ have been handed out: phones, tablets, Leap Pads, DVD players, or video games.  You have a three-hour drive ahead of you.  Time will fly by with the kids occupied in their own worlds.  But, what if your family were offered a different ‘activity’ that didn’t involve electronics?  Would you be up for trying something new?  What if, on your[…]

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