An RV parked at a campsite under a starry night sky

19 RVer & Camper Gifts all under $20 (2019 edition)

Below you’ll find some practical, fun, and affordable gift suggestions for RVers, campers, and car camping enthusiasts. Do you have an RV owner on your shopping list this holiday season? It seems that camping lovers don’t specifically look at camping as just a summer activity. They either spend the off-season prepping for next camping season, or, they continue to camp clear through the winter (RV campers get to stay warm[…]

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A couple holding hands to form a heart while overlooking a grand outdoor landscape

Camping gifts for Couples (for weddings or the holidays)

This gift guide will give you camping gift ideas for couples. Some of these will make great wedding gifts, birthday, Christmas, and anniversary gifts. And, if in doubt, remember to throw the gift receipt into the package;) …but, really, these ideas are good! Do you know a couple who loves spending their time outdoors? Does this couple happen to be on your shopping list this holiday season? Or, perhaps you’re[…]

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Blueberries spilling from an enamel camping mug with a big red heart on it

An Enamel Camping Mug for Everyone

Some of these mugs are very old, many are new… they’re all enameled and they’ll all look fabulous when filled with tea and cozied up in your hands on a cool camping morning.  If enameled mugs are your thing, then you’ll enjoy this collection. Updated October 2019. (This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. If you make a purchase through my link I receive a small commission at no[…]

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Back end of an aqua and white vintage camper, text reads gift guide camper craft kits

Gift Guide to Beautiful Camper Craft Kits on Etsy

Check out this collection of campervan and vintage camper crafts perfect for any lover of crafting and camping! Below, you’ll find embroidery sets, crafting supplies, felt kits, patterns and more.  You could either purchase the kit and gift the finished product or gift the camper craft itself directly to your special someone. (This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. If you make a purchase through my link I receive[…]

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a woman looking out over a mountain valley, text reads gift guide for the outdoorsy girl

43 Gifts the Outdoorsy Woman will Love! (updated for 2019)

Are you looking for gifts for the outdoorsy woman?  Below you’ll find all sorts of gift ideas in all sorts of price ranges.  You’ll find tops and jewelry, pretty things, practical outdoor gear, and reading. And, here’s a tip: Send this post to your mom or partner if you’re wanting to unwrap some of these treasures yourself! (This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. If you make a purchase[…]

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preschooler wearing a blue floral shirt planting flowers into the garden in the backyard

How to get out for backyard play (in spite of your kids)

“Time to go outside and play!” … Some kids hear that and rush out the door before you can say “tick check.” Others hear it and try to climb inside the couch. This article is for dealing with the latter group of kids, those kids for which getting outside is such a struggle. (This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. If you make a purchase through my link I[…]

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A toddler playing outside in the leaves during the fall

Fall activities for Toddlers

The fall season is such a beautiful time of year. The weather is cooler and the days are still long enough to get out after supper. When it comes to this time of year many families start looking for seasonally fun activities. Leaves and pumpkins and fresh apple cider. The fall has so many great outdoor (and indoor) sensory opportunities. And, this list is full of fun fall activities for[…]

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child's feet walking on a tight rope / slackline

The best list of outdoor gifts for kids (and adventuresome families)

Do you have any outdoor kids or adventuresome families on your shopping list this year?  Or maybe, you’re an outdoor family and are looking for practical gifts to help get you and your kids outside.  Well, I’ve put together a guide full of outdoor gifts for kids that should be a perfect starting point for this year’s gift giving season! Below, you’ll find favourite outdoors toys and outdoors gear perfect[…]

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two young girls playing in the vehicle before leaving for a family road trip

Family road trip tips (all the essentials you don’t want to forget!)

You’re packing up for your next road trip and you’re already dreading the drive. With an entire family crammed into a tiny box and even more confined by seat belts for hours on end sounds a little bit like a nightmare. Some catastrophe or another is bound to happen! Believe it or not, we love road trips! Experience has taught us what to bring on a road trip in order[…]

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Two dome tents set up in a wooded area

A quick guide to tent features

Did you decide that your family will camp outdoors to bond and connect with nature? Camping is a wonderful activity that can help you to relax and learn something new. If you are a camping newbie you should know that choosing the right tent isn’t always easy. You’ll need to think on all the various tent features and needs as well as size and pricing. Let’s see what things you[…]

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